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Fundraising Training & Talent Development

Building more productive fundraising teams through comprehensive philanthropy trainings

Philanthropic Training, Talent and Management Development

Fundraiser Teams Talent Development Training
The market for strong development talent is extremely competitive. MPW Strategies will design and implement a plan for effective talent management and provide the latest training and tools to build a more productive fundraising team.

Through a comprehensive curriculum tailored for both development professionals, volunteer, and organizational leadership we will implement training based on the current best practices of development.

MPW Strategies delivers basic and advanced custom solutions, including training programs and materials, workshops and seminars, and ongoing mentoring of staff and senior leaders. Our training programs are customizable to best fit organizational needs and issues.

Fully Customizable Philanthropy Training for Development Officers and Other Staff Involved in Fundraising Include:

  • Understanding Donors
  • Prospecting and Discovery Calls
  • Engagement Toward the Ask
  • The Ask
  • Performance Management
  • Portfolio and Pipeline Management
  • Tracking Data


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