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Philanthropic Culture Development

Develop an organization-wide culture of philanthropy.

Build a culture of philanthropy and the rest will join…

Donor-centric fundraising consulting.
An organization realizes a culture of philanthropy when staff and stakeholders believe in donor-centric fundraising and partner with donors to create positive impact.
Adopting a corporate culture of philanthropy.
By adopting a culture of philanthropy an organization’s ability to engage donors at multiple levels grows significantly.
Philanthropic Donor Engagement
A culture of philanthropic engagement lifts an institution’s mission and vision and the donor’s desire for involvement in the organization.

A culture of philanthropy is achieved when an organization’s stakeholders and staff believe deeply in donor-centric engagement and work together connecting donors with the mission and vision of the organization.

In building a culture of philanthropy MPWS will:

  • Analyze and understand the organizational view of philanthropy and the fundraising operation.
  • Provide staff with training, communication, and tools to understand giving, and develop proactive engagement.
  • Coach organizational leadership and board to guide the development of a culture of philanthropy.
  • Conduct a series of in-depth pieces of training on donor engagement.


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