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Fundraising Consulting

Fundraising and Strategic Solutions for Nonprofits.

Are you maximizing the fundraising potential of your organization


  • Are all of your operation’s stakeholder groups working in seamless partnership toward the same objectives?
  • Is the development unit aligned with the organization’s strategic plan and working with key nondevelopment staff to bring this strategic plan to fruition? Or are they separated from the organization, with most non-fundraisers considering fundraising to be “something that happens over there”?
  • Are development measurements fairly aligned with incentives, and do fundraisers feel they have the skills and support they need to be effective? Or do arbitrary measures, egos, and poor professional development lead to fundraiser discord?
  • Are you able to reasonably project fundraising results year after year, with a good understanding of where greatest potential lies for your next major gifts?
Nonprofit Consulting Strategy Consulting

We provide our clients with the insight, strategy, tools, and training to enable them to build capacity to further their positive impact. Our integrative models and services are highly customizable and based on the best practices in the field.


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