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Major Gift Fundraising Solution

Helping you develop a sophisticated major gift program.

We Provide the Solutions for You to Develop an Effective Major Gift Program

A new age of donor sophistication has arrived with the constant flow of information through technology. It is fueling new behaviors and expectations that are causing real challenges for today’s development teams. The ability to integrate new technologies, models and strategies are separating thriving fundraising operations from those that are struggling to meet goals.

Major Philanthropic Gift Solution

In developing a best in class major gift operation or launching a new one MPW Strategies will implement the six guiding principles to identify, engage, and inspire investors to create lasting impact within your organization.


Developing a Sophisticated Major Gift Program Requires:

    • Commitment to train fundraisers with clear roles, measurements, and process
    • Bold vision and inspiring opportunities for investment
    • Acceptance of donor-centric fundraising from the staff and leadership
    • Effective technology to enable and better equip fundraisers


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