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  Engaging Today’s Donors

MPW Strategies Delivers the Fundraising Tools to Engage Today’s Donors

We provide a comprehensive suite of fundraising consulting services that bolster organizations’ ability to meet missions and propel positive change.

Working with your team, MPW Strategies provides the models, approach, and systems to instill newfound expertise and confidence in you and your team’s fundraising practices, and makes sustainable ingrained culture and infrastructure enhancements to help you fulfill your mission for the long term.

MPW Strategies adapts its guidance to each organization’s specific circumstances in a highly engaging, hands-on way, enabling a hand-in-glove fit between your unique needs and our tailored solutions.

MPW Strategies: Tailored Fundraising Solutions

Fundraising has become increasingly complex and competitive as donors are now demanding more impact and accountability from organizations. Donor sophistication is growing and technology is fueling behavior changes. All of this challenges our ability to attract and inspire donors.

 To succeed, we must integrate new technologies, models, and strategies aligned with the best practices that drive fundraising at the most successful organizations.


Nonprofit Fundraising Solutions

We give clients insight, strategy, tools, and training to help them raise more funds, build capacity, and accelerate their positive impact.


Solutions for Specific Fundraising Consulting Areas

Development Plans,
& Audits



Major Gift

Strategic Planning
for Building New
Programs & Services

Training & Talent

Fundraising Case
for Support &
Campaign Visioning

MPW Strategies Clients Include

Ricardo Flores Magon Academy
Sewall Child Development Center
Community Funded
Adams State University

Wasserman and Pepperdine have personally solicited, coached leadership, and inspired staff to raise over $250 million over their careers from donors of every background and interest. They are acutely attuned to recent shifts in the nonprofit and fundraising landscapes that warrant new tactics or next-level understanding of donor motivation. 


Fundraising Consulting Services Client Testimonials & Experiences

“MPW Strategies helped our organization target the areas of greatest potential for fundraising growth. With Matt’s guidance, we have identified current donors that have the potential to give at a higher level. Together, we continue to work on a cultivation strategy for donors that we believe will have a lasting impact on the future of our organization.”

Rebekah Wells

Development Director, Brent’s Place

“I came to MPW Strategies when my school was in serious need of raising funds for a new building. Within under a year, we went from no fundraising to raising just shy of $16M. I felt comfortable in taking the campaign plan moving it forward with MPW Strategies help. The  joyous thing about hiring MPW Strategies is the impact of having a new building for our school will be felt within three years.”

Kaye Taavialma, Former E.D., Ricardo Flores Magon Academy

“Matt Wasserman’s guidance was instrumental in helping Ascanio’s Purse determine our overall campaign strategy and approach for engaging with donors. Through his hands-on thoughtful approach, we were able to meet and exceed our initial goal. He always made himself available, and was instrumental in finding solutions to overcome some of our biggest fundraising hurdles”.
Robert Sobel

Ascanio’s Purse

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